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5 star Google reviews make your business more profitable and take you another step forward. Google 5 star reviews are amazingly effective in making your business trusted and known to others. ItShopUs Agency provides 100% secure and non-drop permanent Google reviews with a guarantee. We are an experienced company that offers affordable Google 5 star review packages. We help you buy 5 star Google reviews for your business or Google Places. So, now you can make your business more profitable with 5 star reviews from us.

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Buy 5 star google reviews

5-star Google reviews can be a game changer for local businesses. If you want to buy 5 star google reviews you are at the right place. You can buy google business reviews to kick start your startup or break the tie with your competitors. Google’s algorithm is complex. It uses various factors to rank a business. For the local businesses, review signals are one of the main ranking criteria. Google will not hesitate to give you the first position even if your competitor is a retail giant.

You are here because you want to buy google reviews for business with a 5-star rating or you want to know the importance of it. Doesn’t matter for what reason you are here. Keep reading. For the introduction, we are the best google review provider on the internet. We can give you natural and 100% real 5 star google reviews for your local business. If you want to buy 5 star google review, we will not disappoint you. Buy google 5 star reviews to increase your business credibility.

What are 5 star Google Reviews?

5 star google reviews are those reviews that come with a 5 star rating when your customers post them. Reviews are the key tool to know about a business in detail. If there is a business with lots of negative reviews and others which have tons of positive reviews, people will choose the one with positive reviews. Because it is all about precautions.

Thus, platforms like Facebook, Google, Yelp, and many other platforms implemented review features using which people can share their experiences with other customers. So, the review is a powerful weapon using which you can build your trust and credibility.

Now, before buy 5 star google reviews, you should also know why 5 stars and what is rating. Rating is the overall measurement of how well a business is. Usually, the rating is measured between 0 to 5 stars. Based on this rating, users as well as the search engine itself gets the impression of how good a business is.

5 star google rating helps to increase your star rating and customers. So buying 5 star google reviews will always allow you to win the game.

In 2022, your customers have access to lots of reviews and they use them to find the best suitable business. If I were a customer, before buying a good, I will never forget to look at the reviews of your shop. Google 5 star reviews are our product that helps you to achieve your digital marketing goals. This is not like other products, but it is the kind of product that is enough powerful to increase your brand credibility. 

Benefits of Google 5 Star Review

Of course, there are benefits of having lots of positive google 5 star reviews. Reviews and ratings are playing a key role everywhere. Amazon sellers who have high reviews and ratings are getting more sales than others. This is the same for google too except for one thing. Google is helping its users to find a local shop where amazon is focused on selling its products.

But for both cases, people are reading reviews to get an impression about a seller/ business before buying goods and services from them. People are more likely to trust a brand if it has a higher star rating and positive reviews help them to become your customers. In the past days, people ask their relatives for reviews but now we got the internet. Statistics say that most consumers trust an online review just like they trust reviews from some of their close relatives. About 4 negative reviews are enough to reduce a business customer conversion rate to 70%. Nearly 88% of customers read online reviews and 72% of them said positive reviews make them trust a local business. Buy 5 star google reviews to reduce the negativity of negative reviews.

Buy 5 star google reviews to have more customers and sales

Reviews are the weapon you need to break the tie with your competitors or they can be also used to maintain the level playing game. Besides, a competitor can destroy the reputation of another by just buying negative reviews. 

Google has a complex search mechanism. Different google services rely differently on review signals. Google play store gives a higher rank to apps with more positive reviews and ratings on the google my business page. If you have a high rating and positive reviews, Google will give your business blog first place in SERP.

How do reviews contribute to your google rankings?

According to MOZ, one of the largest SEO agency, about 9% of google algorithm depends directly on review signal. Your SEO rank is calculated by using review and rating signals from online and well-balanced signals from a variety of other sources to ensure that your given rank reflects the quality of your business.

Google my business signals: 25.12% of the entire google search algorithm is dependent on it. Proximity, category, and keyword in the title matter here.

Link signals: 16.53% of factors depended on inbound anchor text, link quantity, linking domain authority, etc.

Review signals: 15.44% depends on the review quality, quantity, and sentiment of the reviews. This is why you should buy 5 star google reviews to gain success.

On-page signals: 13.82% of factors are based on on-page signals.

Citation signals: 10.82% of factors are based on IYP NAP consistency and citation volume.

Behavioral signals: Click throw rate, mobile clicks to call or check-ins created 10.82% of the factors. 

Personalization and social signals: 5.88%+2.82% of the algorithm depends on it.

Below is how google depends on review signals

Google depends on review signals to sort the best companies in your locality. Google’s advanced natural language processing algorithm processes the reviews and gets their sentiment of it. Based on the sentiment, google ranks a business.

So having a positive google review signal is very important to rank your business. Most of the organic traffic comes from Google’s first page. So if you forgot to buy 5 star google reviews, you are giving up a 15.44% chance of seeing your business on the first page.

The above discussion clearly shows you the impact of google my business reviews which is alone 15.44%. There is no way you are doing online business without google and you should focus on getting more positive reviews. Buy google 5 star reviews to stay ahead in google ranking.

Your competitors might already be doing this to stay ahead of you. Buying the reviews isn’t wrong when the internet is large and it is a matter of playing an equal game with your top competitors.

How do positive 5-star reviews help your business?

Buy Google 5 star reviews because it can dramatically change your business improvement. Your business must always maintain its credibility and reputation to keep your competitors down. 5 star google reviews are very important to have a consistently increasing revenue graph. Positive 5 star google reviews are one of the top priorities you should give because, without them, you will never be able to become one business at the first position.

With positive 5 star reviews, your GMB rating will get a boost. And the rating is everything.

Study shows us that a low rating discourages customers from buying anything from a business. A single positive review is enough to boost your sales by 18%. Another survey shows us that 88% of customers trust online reviews as much as they trust reviews from their relatives. Also, one negative review can take your 30 customers away.

Buy 5 star google reviews so that you can get all the benefits of having positive google reviews. If you are a new starter and you already have giants as your competitors, buying the reviews can save your business. Else, you will have a tough time getting the customers you need to survive.

How to get more Google business reviews?

Getting reviews on any platform is so hard. For Google, getting reviews is more important for many things. You can ask your customers to review your business and you can show them how to do so. Call them on their phone. Google forbids paying for the reviews. 

Reply to every review on your business page. Especially the negative reviews. People want to see the issues to be resolved in a few days. People also expect replies in their reviews.

Buying google reviews is another alternative you can choose. Here you do not have to face any hassle and this method is time efficient. People normally don’t have time to write a review for your business. Moreover, they also tend to put negative reviews about your business. In this case, buying google my business reviews from a trusted provider like us is the best risk-free solution.

Why Should You Buy 5 Star Google Reviews?

Review is an important criterion in the decision-making process. As a customer, when I book a service from a local business, I search google for it and read others’ opinions about them. These opinions are reviews that help me to make the right decision. Buy 5 star google reviews from a trusted party so that you can help your potential customers to make their own decision.

When you just started a business it is hard to highlight yourself in the crowd. You have to show off your features, and the things you are offering for your customers and reviews are great for it. Customers will not go to your shop if you failed to show your advantages over your competitors. If your competitors are older than you, then they may already have a lot of reviews. Hence collecting more positive google reviews is the best thing you can do for increasing your sales.

Negative reviews are like bombs. You can have 10 positive reviews but a single negative review will make your potential customer think about other alternatives. On the other hand, 4 positive reviews are enough to get a lead. 

Buy 5 star google reviews to reduce the negativity around your business. Ask your clients to give feedback reviews for your local shop. Trust us, these reviews work like charm to give a boost to your local business revenue.

Buy google my business review because people are likely to go for other alternatives if they don’t find the necessary information on your google my business page. They will not spend their money on a business without knowing what their customers say about them.

Can I buy 5 star google reviews?

Yes, you can. We are offering google my business reviews at cheap and affordable pricing. You can buy 5 star google reviews by just choosing a plan, adding it to your cart then paying for it. Boom!, our efficient review team will do the rest. Buying google reviews is so simple for us.

Lots of local business owners doing this for boosting their online appearances. Maybe your competitors are already doing these. It is the best strategy you might consider.

The positive and negative sides of buying 5 star google my business reviews

There are positive as well as negative sides to buying google reviews. If you buy 5 star google reviews it will help to increase your business credibility. It automatically boosts your SEO performance. Your product naturally may have some negative reviews but you can hide them by buying positive google reviews. 

But everything has some negative side if it is used incorrectly. If your purchased reviews don’t look natural, it will eventually hurt your credibility and SEO. Google can automatically detect fake reviews and remove them from the lists. So be careful when you choose the provider. You can choose us because we are an experienced team working for years.

How to buy 5 star google reviews?

Buying google 5 star reviews is easy. You will choose your favorite 5 star google reviews seller and order from them. You are always welcome to choose us because we are one of the best digital marketing agencies out there who can give you real and authentic permanent google reviews.

Why we are the best google 5 star review sellers?

We are claiming our supremacy in the sector. We are the best review provider on the internet. Experience makes a team perfect. We are selling google reviews for years. We know how the Google algorithm works and how to safely write reviews without triggering the google algorithm.

Our review team will give you contextual reviews by analyzing the information from your website, docs, or any kind of information you share. So, we are giving a 100% guarantee that you will find relevancy in your reviews. Our review accounts are not limited to only one region. We write the reviews using real photo-attached email accounts from different regions. Reviews are also written by different persons, so there will be diversity in the language. 

  1. We have a 24/7 friendly support team always for your needs.
  2. Also, We are giving you a money-back guarantee.
  3. our team will always give you non-drop reviews. But if some of their drops, we will give you bonus reviews with them.
  4. Your order will be delivered within 24 to 72 hours, based on your order size.
  5. We have a high customer satisfaction rate.
  6. Our review team will work with you until you reach your goal.
  7. We are always updated with Google algorithms. So, we know exactly what to do if a situation arises.
  8. We have completed lots of projects before and all of our clients are successful in their fields.

Frequently asked question

Is it legal to buy 5 star google reviews?

It’s okay to have this concern. Google forbids buying google 5 star reviews. But we provide real reviews from real active accounts. Also, we will always give you relevant reviews. So that google can’t say it’s fake.

Can google cause trouble if you buy 5 star google reviews?

No, it is safe if reviews look natural. Fake reviews are automatically detected by the Google system which may cause you trouble. Providers like us give you human-written natural-looking google reviews with 5 stars which feels natural to read. So, always buy 5 star google reviews from a seller like us.

How the reviews will be written?

All the reviews are written and posted by real humans from real locations. We are strict about using bots. You can be confident about our approach. We will not let you worry.

From when do reviews start to arrive?

We first read the information you have given us. Then analyze the information to prepare the best reviews for you. We start processing your order instantly and after we’ve successfully learned about your business we write the best reviews. Reviews will start arriving after 3 or 4 hours of your order, depending on your order size.


Google is helping lots of businesses greater or small in many ways. Google review feature is one of the most important features for a local business, using which businesses can rise to the top or fall to the ground. Buy 5 star google reviews that will help your business grow in the way you want. Order now, or let us know about any query about the service.

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