Frequently Asked Questions

It can be challenging to find the right digital marketing agency, especially when you have so many options out there. To make your decision easier, we’ve compiled answers to some of the most common questions about hiring a digital marketing agency in this guide on frequently asked questions about digital marketing agencies. Whether you’re looking to hire an agency because you are already in business or because you’re just starting out, this guide can help you to find one that fits your needs best and delivers the results you expect from your investment into digital marketing .

Which type of agencies are best?

There are lots of different types of digital marketing agencies. When hiring one, it’s important to find out which services they offer and how much experience they have with each type of service. The most common services offered by digital marketing agencies include: web design and development, SEO/SEM services, social media management, PPC management and content writing. When finding an agency to help you with your business online presence, make sure that their services align with your goals and budget.

What do they charge?

In our experience, you get what you pay for in digital marketing. Advertisers and brands expect quick turnaround times and high-quality creative work on low budgets. That’s fine for small businesses that are just getting their feet wet in social media marketing, but it’s not viable long-term. Our best practices aren’t cheap or quick, but they do result in brand awareness and increased sales that often surpass client expectations and industry benchmarks.

How long does it take to get results?

If you’re looking to run an e-commerce business, then you can expect your website to start generating leads almost immediately. But if you’re simply looking to get more traffic or sell more products through your existing website and social media channels, that may take some time. We recommend setting aside at least three months before deciding whether your investment in a digital marketing agency is worth it.

Can I be involved in the process?

If you have an opinion or a question, let your agency know. You may be surprised to see that they often consider your input! Don’t worry; as long as you don’t act like a control freak, they won’t think of you that way either. Remember, you hired them to do something for you; there’s no need to micromanage every little thing they do.

How do you define success?

First, let’s be clear that digital marketing agencies are focused on social media marketing, not marketing. Yes, digital agencies do SEO and PPC campaigns, but social media is their bread and butter. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter power more conversations about brands than any other channel. It makes sense for your company to start here with your digital agency.

How can I find the right fit for my business?

A lot of businesses think that it’s just enough to hire an agency, but don’t put much thought into what they really need from that agency. Here are some questions you should be asking when it comes to choosing your digital marketing agency. 1) What services do you offer? 2) Do I have to pay for all services or can I choose which ones I want? 3) How long will it take before my business starts seeing results? 4) What is your process for getting me results? 5) Can we meet in person and discuss my business goals? 6) How often will we meet and how long will each meeting last? 7) How many clients do you have at any given time and how many can you handle at once? 8) How would you describe your approach to social media management? 9) Are there ways for me to get involved with managing my own social media accounts? 10) Are there different pricing options based on my budget? 11) Is there anything else I should know about working with you? 12) Is there anything else I should know about working with social media in general? 13) Who will be doing our work day-to-day and who is our point of contact if something goes wrong or needs fixing?

What are your top tips for marketing success?

As you may already know, there are hundreds of social media platforms and thousands of different marketing strategies out there, so it can be hard to know where to start. As a digital marketing agency specializing in social media marketing , we believe that it is essential for businesses to create a comprehensive strategy instead of trying to rely on one-off tactics. Here are our top tips for creating an effective social media strategy Like any other tool, social media can help or hinder your business depending on how you use it. Before diving into your new strategy, think carefully about what type of content your audience will respond to and how you plan to implement each channel . For example, if your audience is interested in finding coupons or deals for products similar to yours, Facebook’s Shop Now button might be a good option. If they tend to share articles from their favorite blogs, then Twitter’s share buttons could work well for you. It’s also important to consider how often your customers are using social media – while some people check their feeds multiple times per day, others don’t even have accounts.